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The customer has already brought their car in to the shop to get the windshield repaired.  The Service person has taken information on his computer and given them a rack card with an 800 phone number for them to call.  Don’t wait for them to call you.  The call most likely will be initiated from the Customer Care Center by using the Ring Central phone system on your desk top.  Record all calls.  If there is ever an issue with a customer, your recorded phone message is your safety net with customer service.  The operator needs to identify you in order to send the payment to Dealership Services.  Tell her your phone number is 252-456-9007.

The following script is a suggestion to get you started.  You do not need to follow a canned presentation.

HELLO!  Is this MR/MRS customer____________________- My name is____________________- and I am with the GLASS DIVISION  of ____ ____________________-)(FRED ANDERSON TOYOTA OR SAVANNAH TOYOTA)  I believe you are having a rock chip repaired in your windshield.  (pause).  Is that one chip or more? (insurance companies only cover up to 3 chips)


If you can take a few minutes, we will make a 3-Way call to ___________________insurance company to get a number so that there will be no charge to you for this repair.

Make  sure the customer understands that they are covered by a warrantee on the glass repair for as long as they own the car.  Then explain that the operator they will be talking to is filling out a form and has several questions.  You want to prepare them for a smooth interview.

1)      The operator will ask if it is a personal or a business vehicle. 

2)      Another question is on the size?  Can it be covered by a dollar bill, or sometimes by a quarter?

3)      How did the repair happen?  A rock chip from the road.  If they mention another vehicle the 0perator has to ask for a description and license plate of the vehicle.

4)      Was there any other damage to persons or the vehicle?

5)      When did it happen?  The operator needs a specific day.  Sometimes we use todays date or  within the last two weeks.  Any time is OK as long as the vehicle was covered by the existing insurance policy

Put the customer on hold, connect to the insurance company and conference the call. Take control by introducing yourself, telling the operator the basic information that you have gathered. Be sure to say that the repair has been done and identify Dealership Services with the phone number 252-456-9007. That is necessary for you to get paid.  On the work order, fill in the date of loss and the reference number (CLAIM).   Check to make sure you have the cell phone and address of the customer.  Thank the customer and the operator.

After you hang up, hold down the control key and hit the P RINT<SAVE<SEND.  button to submit the file. You do not have to print the work order..

An audio of a sample conversation with a customer is available. Ask for the email.

Please play the sound bite several timesl.  Listen and then role play with it til you are comfortable with the message.