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Dealership Services Rapid Pay Card (CSR) Information Needed to Receive a Card:

Picture ID: Color Photo Copy of Passport or Drivers License Either one is fine

Photo copy of SS card

Fill out W 9 signed

Include: Current Home Mailing Address if different from Drivers License

This will match W 9 info We Will be Mailing your IRS 1099-Misc

If you use a PO Box for mailing we DEFINITELY need a Physical Home Address


Phone Contact: All 3




Best Personal email for long term contact________________________________________

Today’s Date_____________

Fax to: 252 456 3540 Attn : Human Resources


Email to: sp@dealershipservices1.com Attn: Human Resources

We strongly suggest that you save enough for the additional tax liabilities. You will be Receiving 100% of the Compensation through your card

NOTE : . TAXES will NOT be withheld.

THIS AGREEMENT, effective as of ___             ______, 2012 ("Effective
Date"), is entered into by and between Dealership Services, LLC, (DS) a
North Carolina corporation with offices at 1680 Flemingtown Road, Henderson,
NC 27537 (DS), and ___________              ____________________0f _____________________          ________________________(Associate)

(A) DS possesses certain valuable technical and strategic
information with respect to the design of software, distribution, and billing

Plus proprietary business model implemented by DS. 
Party wishes to discuss and exchange unpublished and proprietary and confidential and technical information with respect therto ("CONFIDENTIAL) for the purpose of growing DS.

(B) In order for such discussions and exchanges to be of optimum
mutual benefit, it is desirable for each of the Parties to freely disclose
Confidential Information; and

(C) The nature of the Parties' businesses requires them to regularly
exercise care to treat as confidential their own commercially valuable
and secret information and that of other parties with whom they have
contractual obligations.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Parties agree as follows:

1. For a period of three (3) years from the date of the last disclosure
of Confidential Information, each Party hereby obligates itself to treat
as confidential and avoid disclosure to third parties of Confidential
Information of the other, in the same manner as it treats its own
proprietary and secret information, which in no event shall be less than
a reasonable standard of care, and to use the Confidential Information
of the other only for pursuing the purpose of this Agreement.

2. Confidential Information may include written and graphic materials,
in whatever media contained, whether written, graphic or machine-
readable form, and each Party shall endeavor to mark its Confidential
Information as "CONFIDENTIAL" or with a similar legend. When
disclosed orally or visually observed, Confidential Information shall be
identified as "CONFIDENTIAL" at the time of disclosure. Confidential
Information shall also include all materials which the receiving Party
knows or reasonably should know is confidential. The failure to so
mark or identify any Confidential Information shall not in itself constitute
a waiver of confidentiality with respect to any Confidential Information.

3. The receiving Party is authorized to disclose Confidential
Information to employees, consultants, agents, affiliated companies
and attorneys, for pursuing the purpose of this Agreement, provided,
 that any such employee, consultant, agent, affiliated company or
attorney is duly advised that the Confidential Information is subject to
an obligation of confidentiality.

4. The receiving Party shall be under no obligation to treat as
confidential any information except to the extent that the disclosing
Party provides its prior written consent, or it is:

(a) now or hereafter, without fault or act of the receiving Party,
published, disclosed in a printed publication or patent, or otherwise
known to the public or trade;

(b) already known or available to the receiving Party or an affiliate as of
the time of its disclosure to the receiving Party by the disclosing Party
as established by documents or records, in whatever media contained,
of the receiving Party in existence prior to the date of disclosure by the
disclosing Party to the receiving Party and not acquired directly or
indirectly from the disclosing Party;

(c) received by the receiving Party or an affiliate in good faith from a
third party who is not under any obligation of confidentiality to the
disclosing Party or who is in fact free to disclose such to the receiving
Party as matter of right; 

(d) independently developed by the receiving Party or an affiliate
without access to any Confidential Information as documented by
clear and convincing evidence; or

(e) disclosed by the receiving Party pursuant to judicial order, a
requirement of a governmental agency or by operation of law,
provided, however, that the receiving Party gives the disclosing
Party timely notice of such order or requirement prior to such
disclosure to enable the disclosing Party to seek a protective order
or its equivalent.

5. Unless otherwise agreed to by the Parties, the fact of entering
into this Agreement and its purposes are Confidential Information.

6. Upon request, any and all materials, in whatever media
contained, constituting Confidential Information provided to a
receiving Party shall be returned to the disclosing Party along with
any and all copies of the same and all other materials derived from
or containing any Confidential Information shall be destroyed.

7. Neither this Agreement, nor disclosure or receipt of Confidential
Information shall constitute or imply any promise or intention to make
any purchase of products or services or any promise or intention to
enter into any other business arrangement.

8. Following the exchange of Confidential Information hereunder,
the Parties anticipate that any future business relationship
contemplated hereunder may involve the development of new
products or new product features. In the event that a joint product
development effort is undertaken by the Parties, prior to any joint
development activities, the Parties will negotiate in good faith and
execute a Joint Development Agreement.

9. The receiving Party shall adhere to the U.S. Export
Administration Laws and Regulations and shall not export or re-
export any technical data or products received from the disclosing
Party or the direct product of such technical data to any proscribed
country listed in the U.S. Export Administration Regulations unless
properly authorized by the U.S. Government.

10. This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with and
governed by the laws of the State of North Carolina.

11. No rights under any patent or other intellectual property are
created or affected by this Agreement.

12. This Agreement shall automatically terminate one (1) year after
the Effective Date. The obligations of confidentiality and restricted
use shall survive termination of this Agreement for the period set
forth in Paragraph 1.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties have executed this




Dealership Services LLC

1680 Flemingtown Road

Henderson, NC 27537

By: Shirley Payne