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The image is a screen shot from the email  windshielddsl@gmail.com. Open the email to retrieve the Repair Orders for processing..

This image contains the customer  and vehicle information.

The subject line of that email will include the RO#, insurance co., policy number and the cell phone or best number to call to reach the customer.

To make the 3 way call you need the customer phone number and the insurance co phone number.  The phone number on the customers ins. card does not reach the glass division directly.  Use the phone list from this web site when possible.  If the ins. co is not on that list, you can use the number on the card or www.claimnumbers.com.  The list of insurance company phone numbers on this site does go directly to the glass division of those companies and will save you much time and aggravation.

Using the Ring Central phone installed on your computer, call the customer. When you have made contact, forward the email and add your first name  to the subject line. Now prepare the customer for the information that the insurance company will want. Be  sure to record all calls .This is for your protection if there is ever an issue.

The date of loss is usually a hang up for people.  Assure them that the operator on the other end of the line needs to fill out a form to confirm that the vehicle was covered by that particular insurance company.  the actual date is not that important. Often the customer will use the RO date as the date of the loss. 

The other obstacle that will make your call smoother would be the cause of the chip.  If the customer mentions another vehicle the operator will want a description and license tag number. The best answer for that question is the chip was caused by a rock from the road.

After you have prepped the customer, put them on hold and call the insurance company. Give the insurance company basics                                                                                          This is DEALERSHIP SERVICES and I have one of your insured on the line.  The customer has 1, 2 or 3 rock chips in her windshield and the repair work has been done on the personal/commercial vehicle.

During the insurance company interview with the customer, make sure that you have the correct name, address, DATE OF LOSS, number of chips, claim number and sometimes they will ask your approval on the amount paid on the claim.  $50 or rmore.

. Be sure to check the date of loss, the number of chips, the cell number and address so that we have complete information in case we need to call the customer later.

Now you can add the forward address wsclaims@gmail.com and send the information on for accounting.

It is not necesary to print but you should keep a record of what you do for your own information.