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The company has a few products but the initial efforts have been directed toward windshield repair.  We have trained account executives, call center people and technicians.  

When a customer brings their car in for service the service writer does a walk around to check out the car.  If he spots a rock chip in the windshield,  he advises the customer about the safety issues involved.  The windshield can be repaired in just a few minutes and most insurance companies waive the deductible so that there is no expense to the customer. Insurance companies want the chip repaired.

One of the goals of Dealership Services is to make the input on the work order as easy, efficient and smooth as possible.  Thisi successful operation brings praises from the dealers.  The dealership software captures  the work order so the call center person using a VOIP (voice over internet phone) can call the customer from a home office.  They make a 3 way call to the insurance company to get a claim number for the repair.  The invoice to the  insurance company is generated.  This system is a one of a kind system.  .

This scenario sounds like a simple program.  However, it has taken round the clock diligence day in and day out to build that system and create some outstanding products  to promote to those same dealers.  Besides windshield repair we are now offering an internal computerized management system DEALER CLICK and a system to manage out-sourced repairs and detailing, SCHEDULE SMART.  We still have ad Mailers with great quality and exceptional pricing.  One of the unique products is a non-technology paint protector called ENVIROSEAL that exceeds what wax can do in finished appearance, durability and speed performance.  Dealer/owners only can take advantage of PORTFOLIO to build personal wealth for themselves and their families through their existing re-insurance programs.